Larry Carley, Author at Counterman Magazine
Front-Wheel-Drive Halfshafts And CV Joints: Replacement Considerations

Often, an outer constant velocity (CV) joint that is worn or damaged will produce a clicking noise that is only heard when turning.

Selling Brake Friction: Economy Brake Pads Should Be Last Choice For Most Customers

People who buy the cheapest pads often regret their decision later.

Air Filters Vs. Oil Filters: Which Is More Important To Vehicle Health?

Both are obviously necessary to protect the engine from contaminants and abrasives that cause wear and damage.

Long-Life Antifreeze: Service Intervals, Replacement Considerations

The best way to change coolant is to have it professionally changed with a coolant exchange machine.

Power Window Regulators: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Nothing is more aggravating than a power window that won’t roll down or go up.

Vehicle Lighting: Replacement Considerations For Headlamps, Taillamps

Even with the emergence of LEDs, the vast majority of cars and trucks on the road have conventional halogen or incandescent headlamps, taillamps and small bulbs that have a limited lifespan.

Gaskets: Are You Missing Sales Opportunities?

Although you might think gaskets sell themselves, many potential gasket sales are overlooked because the customer didn’t realize they needed certain gaskets to complete a particular repair job.

Replacement Intervals For Oil And Air Filters In Today’s Vehicles

Changing the oil and filter every 3,000 miles was standard practice decades ago. But it’s no longer necessary because most multi-viscosity oils today are a synthetic blend or a full synthetic that resist viscosity breakdown and oxidation for a much longer period of time.

Selling Automotive Coolant Sealer As A Remedy And Preventive

Any number of things can make an engine run hot and overheat, but loss of coolant is often the main culprit.

TPMS Sensors Usually Last About As Long As A Good Set Of Tires

TPMS systems are touted as being life-savers. However, they also can be rather annoying at times.

Automotive Wheel Bearings Keep America Rolling

Wheel bearings perform a number of important functions, including reducing friction, supporting the weight of the vehicle on the axles and spindles and assisting with wheel alignment.

Spark Plugs: Replacement Considerations

Replacement spark plugs must be the same size as the original (same hex size, diameter, thread pitch and length), and have a similar “heat range” (hot enough to resist fouling when the plug is cold, and cool enough to resist pre-ignition when the plug is hot).