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Gift Ideas for Car Enthusiasts

Remember, the possibilities are endless.

Selling Automotive Lighting Accessories

If you have a customer who’s interested in putting on lightbars, here are a couple of tips you can offer them.

Benefits Of VVT Systems

Variable-valve timing isn’t just a single part or component – it’s an entire system.

Oxygen Sensors vs. Air-Fuel Sensors

You might think of the air/fuel sensor as a smarter version of an oxygen sensor.

What Can Go Wrong With Automotive Cooling Systems?

A number of potential problems can be traced back to the antifreeze/coolant.

What Are The Basic Types Of Antifreeze/Coolant?

The days when a customer could come in and say “give me a bottle of the green stuff” are long gone.

Polyester-Cord vs. Aramid-Cord Serpentine Belts

The takeaway for counter professionals and your customers is that these belts are NOT interchangeable.

Selling Filters To Your Professional Customers

It’s important to recommend premium-quality filters for your DIFM customers.

Selling Compressors For Electronic Air Suspension

The compressor is the heart of the air suspension system.

What’s The Difference Between A Shock And A Strut?

Shocks are not struts, and struts are not shocks, but a shock is part of a strut.

Active Grille Shutters, Loaded Knuckles and Wiper Assemblies

In this video, we’re giving you a crash course on three OEM-quality replacement parts that are available in the aftermarket.

What Drains Modern Car Batteries?

Today’s vehicles are loaded with electronics that add high demands on the battery and charging system.