Get to Know the 2022 Counter Pro of the Year

Get to Know the 2022 Counter Pro of the Year

Amanda Balk is the manager of the Auto Value store in Thorp, Wisconsin.

Every year since 1986, Counterman has been recognizing the Counter Professional of the Year. 

With the generous support of our longtime sponsor, WIX Filters, the Counter Professional of the Year program spotlights a go-to counter pro who elevates the profession with their dedication, expertise, work ethic, and customer-first mentality. 

On this episode of “Behind the Counter,” we’re thrilled to have our 2022 Counter Pro of the Year, Amanda Balk, manager of the Auto Value store in Thorp, Wisconsin. 

In Episode 3 of the “Behind the Counter” podcast, Counterman Editor Josh Cable and Balk discuss:

  • 1:13 – Amanda’s impressions of her first AAPEX show
  • 1:33 – Highlights of the Aftermarket Auto Parts Alliance’s Jackpots Convention
  • 3:36 – How her colleagues and customers have treated her since being recognized as the Counter Pro of the Year
  • 4:30 – How Amanda’s background helped prepare her for a career behind the counter
  • 7:46 – Her approach to customer service
  • 10:24 – The transition from counter pro to store manager
  • 12:56 – How Automotive Parts Headquarters has supported her professional development
  • 14:51 – Amanda’s affinity for truck and tractor pulling

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