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LSI Hires Todd Cawley As Vice President Of Global Sales

Lubrication Specialties Inc. (LSI), manufacturer of the Hot Shot’s Secret performance additives and oils, announced Todd Cawley as the company’s first vice president of global sales.

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The position was filled in June in response to the unprecedented growth LSI has encountered in multiple markets in the United States, and the potential to capture market share of the lubricant and additive market abroad, the company said.   

Cawley, with an extensive sales background in chemicals, fuel and lubricant additives and with in-depth technical knowledge of refining, alternative fuels and nanotechnology, was selected to develop the global sales strategy for the company’s Lubrication Specialties Inc. brand of oil and fuel additives to large commercial oil blenders and for private label. The market focus will be additives for racing oils, engine oils and industrial oils. For the diesel-additive market, the focus will be on large trucking fleets, mines and fuel jobbers around the world, LSI noted. 

For nearly 20 years, Cawley worked at Sinclair Oil Company, where he was responsible for the development of new fuel and lubricant products and markets. He worked previously as director of sales, global business development and blended lubes manager for American Refining Group Inc. There he oversaw all sales and marketing for the base oil refinery and packaging plant based in Bradford, Pennsylvania. Prior, he worked as vice president of global sales and marketing for Nanotech Industrial Solutions in Avenel, New Jersey, where he headed all sales and marketing of nanotechnology for additives for end users of oils, lubricants, greases and metal working fluids including private-label customers. 


“It was Todd’s decades long experience and proven sales track record with lubricants, especially in regard the use of nanotechnology for oils and additives, that was a key determinant in the decision for this important new position,” LSI President Brett Tennar said. “We were also very impressed with his astute understanding of where the market is headed globally, his team spirit and enthusiasm for our products and his ability to hit the ground running with a doable strategy. We are excited to have him join our team and look forward to how he will be able to impact sales for Lubrication Specialties and our full family of brands.”

Cawley added, “There is a wealth of opportunity for LSI on the global market, specifically as it relates to heavy industry and the benefits that only nanotechnology can solve for marine, powerplants and construction. Every day will be interesting as we map together how to utilize our existing formulas and new product solutions powered by science to solve mechanical problems worldwide. Our mission is clear – to develop premier products using innovative new technology to change the lubrication industry.”

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