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An Inexpensive Fix for the Dreaded Blown Head Gasket

The summer heat puts added stress on an engine’s cooling system.

Bar’s Leaks Celebrates 75th Anniversary

Bar’s Leaks products have sealed more than 400 million vehicle-fluid leaks and prevented countless more.

Diagnosing And Repairing Oil Leaks

If your customer suspects they have an oil leak, they don’t need to panic.

Diagnosing And Repairing Common Fluid Leaks In A Vehicle

Addressing the problem doesn’t always require an expensive trip to a repair shop.

VIDEO: Replacing A CVT Isn’t The Only Option

There are products in the aftermarket that specifically address CVT issues such as leaks, noise, slipping and hesitation.

CVT Transmission Fix
VIDEO: Oil Leaks And Burning Oil In Older Vehicles

There are solutions in the aftermarket that can tackle oil leaking, burning oil and oil-consumption problems.

Oil Leaks and Burning Oil in Older Vehicles
Additive Brands Rislone, Hy-per Lube Combine Into Rislone Hy-per Premium Performance Products

The new Rislone Hy-per family will include all the current Hy-per Lube motor oil, fuel system and cooling system additives, as well as several related products from the Rislone lineup.

Bar’s Leaks Dual-Action Formulas Get New Grab-And-Go Packaging

Bar’s Leaks has updated its full line of dual-action repair formulas with new packaging to make it easier for customers to quickly grab what they need and get out the door.

WATCH: Is It OK to Drive with a Leaking Head Gasket?

Most of us have been in a situation where we know there’s a problem with our vehicle but we just don’t have the time – or money – to get it fixed today.

WATCH: What Causes Power-Steering Problems?

The most common reason for a loss of power steering is a fluid leak.

WATCH: What Do Oil Additives Do?

Oil additives offer a number of benefits, including extending the useable life of the vehicle and helping motorists save on mechanical repairs.

Stop-Leak Products: Improve Sales and Customer Satisfaction Through Upselling

Convincing a customer to spend a few more dollars for a premium chemical stop-leak product can be a tough sell. But the benefits – for customers and your store – are worth it.