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ADVICS HOW TO: Bedding-In Brake Rotors & Brake Pads

Brake shimmy, shaking, vibration and noise – these are all common reasons for a customer to visit the shop. Most of the time these issues are due to different components of the steering or braking systems needing replacement or repair, but other times, these issues can be caused by the improper installation of brand new

The Importance of Measuring Brake Rotors

Learn about lateral runout (LRO) and disc thickness variation (DTV) and why new rotors and pads alone won’t always solve issues.

Continental Introduces ATE Disc-Brake Rotor for Popular Mercedes-Benz Models

The new ATE rotor features an improved version of the same two-piece pot and friction-ring construction as the original, patented two-piece Mercedes-Benz design.

Raybestos Expands Line of Element3 Coated Brake Rotors

Raybestos Element3 coated rotors with RPT rust-prevention technology use a proprietary finishing technology to coat each rotor’s entire surface, including the cooling vanes.

Raybestos Expands Performance Rotor Coverage

The new coverage includes SUVs, trucks and luxury vehicles.

Raybestos Performance Rotors
Continental Ramps Up European Coverage with ATE Brake Pads, Rotors

“The combination of the ATE Original brake pads and the ATE Single Pack rotors deliver the optimal comfort characteristics to ensure smooth operation, and the OE materials we use ensure long-lasting performance,” said Dan Caciolo, head of product management for Continental Independent Aftermarket Powertrain & Brake Systems.

Brake Parts Inc New Leadership

Patrick Keane, vice president of global distribution, and Dave Sather, vice president of global sourcing, will retire at the end of the second quarter.

Raybestos Rust Prevention Technology (RPT) Rotors, Calipers Deliver All-Weather Protection

Raybestos has increased coverage of its premium-quality Rust Prevention Technology (RPT) rotor and caliper product lines with the recent addition of 67 rotor part numbers and 72 caliper part numbers.