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Tensioners And Pulleys

Motorists take them for granted. But they’re always busy at work behind the scenes.

Tensioners and Pulleys
VIDEO: Belt-Tensioner Replacement

The complete job will make the belt last longer without having the customer come back to finish the job piecemeal.

Cloyes Celebrates 15 Years of Operation, No Lost-Time Incidents at Mexico Distribution Center

The facility, which also houses an R&D center, serves Cloyes customers in Mexico, Central America, South America, Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

WATCH: What to Do When a Shop Returns a Timing-Belt Kit

A lot of returns on timing belts come from the shop not installing all of the components inside the kit.

WATCH: Counter Pros Should Ask this Question When Selling a New Alternator

When a shop asks for a new alternator, be sure to ask them, “Does it have a decoupler pulley?”