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Litens Pulleys: You’ll Be Surprised at What’s in the Box

The pulley kit saves time for your customers and takes up less space on the shelf.

Litens tensioners pulleys
Tensioners And Pulleys

Motorists take them for granted. But they’re always busy at work behind the scenes.

Tensioners and Pulleys
VIDEO: Belt-Tensioner Replacement

The complete job will make the belt last longer without having the customer come back to finish the job piecemeal.

Cloyes Celebrates 15 Years of Operation, No Lost-Time Incidents at Mexico Distribution Center

The facility, which also houses an R&D center, serves Cloyes customers in Mexico, Central America, South America, Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

WATCH: What to Do When a Shop Returns a Timing-Belt Kit

A lot of returns on timing belts come from the shop not installing all of the components inside the kit.

WATCH: Counter Pros Should Ask this Question When Selling a New Alternator

When a shop asks for a new alternator, be sure to ask them, “Does it have a decoupler pulley?”