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When Power Windows Lose Their Mojo

Power windows are one of those creature comforts that most drivers take for granted – until they stop working.

VIDEO: Window Lift And Regulator Install For 2008 Mazda 6

The replacement takes less than an hour and a half.

Cardone Window Regulator
VIDEO: Power-Window Regulator Diagnostics

These diagnostic strategies can help determine and confirm what parts have failed and what caused them to fail.

CARDONE Doubles Coverage Of Window-Lift Motor Assemblies

CARDONE now offers three configuration options that cover over 90% of window-lift motor replacements.

Technical Forum 2017: Power Window Regulators

We love power windows as long as they’re working correctly. But if they’re not working, they can be a real pain — especially if you’re in a fast food drive-thru lane or pull up to an ATM machine.