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Xl Parts And The Parts House Grow Together

Since 2017, XL Parts and The Parts House have operated as sister companies owned by Marubeni Automotive Aftermarket Holdings, a subsidiary of Marubeni. 


XL Parts is a warehouse distributor in Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana, while The Parts House is a warehouse distributor in Florida, Alabama, Georgia and Puerto Rico. 

Both companies sell full lines of OE and aftermarket automotive parts and supplies, primarily to maintenance and repair shops and dealerships, and are among the largest distributors of ACDelco and Motorcraft parts. Although both companies continue to operate independently in front of customers, they now are integrated organizationally, and continue to grow.

Over the past year, XL Parts has filled out the San Antonio market to the west, expanded to Tulsa to the north, expanded to New Orleans to the east and is now expanding to Austin in the west. 


Meanwhile, The Parts House has expanded to Alabama to the northwest and substantially increased its density in south and central Florida. In order to support further growth, the company is putting the finishing touches on its significantly expanded and automated south Florida distribution center, which it obtained as part of its acquisition of Cold Air.

In support of its integration efforts, The Parts House has successfully converted to the same technology solutions as XL Parts. Innovative customer-facing technology is fast on the way for both companies in order to further accelerate growth. In addition, the merger of industry associations Pronto and The Network will allow The Parts House and XL Parts to maintain their respective brands in their markets.


The veteran leadership of the integrated organization is as follows:

  • Mike Odell – CEO, Marubeni Automotive Aftermarket Holdings, and president, XL Parts
  • David Honig – President, The Parts House
  • Frank Garcia – Executive vice president, sales & operations
  • Chase Baxley – Executive vice president, category management & supply chain
  • Adam Greer – Chief financial officer
  • Iyad Kayyali – Chief technology officer
  • Lauren Dabney – VP, human resources
  • Tim Cox – VP, supply chain
  • Esperanza Izquierdo – VP, category management

“Marubeni, The Parts House and XL Parts are excited about combining the capabilities, expertise and talent of two great companies and continuing their organic and acquisitive growth from their strong base across the Southern U.S.,” the companies said in a news release.

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