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AAM Group’s Aftermarket Websites Launches Redesigned Site

The AAM Group announced the launch of a redesigned informational website for its website-building platform, Aftermarket Websites.  


The new site focuses on easier navigation, more information regarding features and benefits, and a full list of all supporting and non-supporting brand partners, according to the AAM Group. One of the most notable changes of the redesign is the sign-up process, which has been streamlined to be quicker and easier.

In addition to enhancing the site’s presentation, the AAM Group team has created a comprehensive knowledge base as an operational resource for site owners. Regular blogs will further elaborate on platform features and updates as well as offer business tips in areas such as marketing, social media and more. 


“Built BY the industry, FOR the industry, Aftermarket Websites gives reseller customers in the automotive aftermarket much more than a custom website equipped for e-commerce,” the AA Group said in a news release. “Base users get access to the automatically updated data of more than a million products from over 100 leading brands, MAP protection, marketing and sales guidance, analytics, one-on-one support and integrated SEO proven to drive local traffic.” 

Shops that choose the PRO-level tier of service get year/make/model search; an email-marketing service; engine-family look-up; enhanced third-party integrations; access to hundreds of more brands; and much more, according to the AAM Group. 


For more information, visit or call 888-251-4252.

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