Gary Garberg, Author at Counterman Magazine
Get On Board With Foreign Nameplates

Remember, the first six letters in ‘important’ are ‘import.’

Get Off Your Duff

Stools — those four-legged devices that were originally designed for people to sit on while they were drinking, eating or relaxing — aren’t for use by parts professionals.

Connecting the Dots

Whether you’re learning to fly or running a business, you must rely on your experience and training. The right combination of both will result in smooth acceleration.

The Honest Truth

Sometimes the truth hurts, but it’s a great way to re-evaluate personal and business goals. Is your company asking itself the really tough questions and actually listening to and reacting to the answers?

Import Explosion

It’s difficult to ignore the prevalence of imports today. From cars, to semis, to tools, to tires — they’re everywhere and they’re here to stay. Are you ready to benefit from this huge opportunity?

Connections & Coincidences

The connections we make — even those outside our professional lives — have a strange way of impacting our industry. Make every connection count — even the coincidental ones!

Just Ask!

As the saying goes, “There are no stupid questions.” It’s time parts pros start asking questions when faced with warranty situations. No matter how ridiculous the inquiry may seem, it could save a lot of hassle.

Delivering Service

While you stand behind the counter doing your job, delivery drivers and outside sales professionals are standing face-to-face with customers, in sometimes not-so-friendly situations.

Pointing the Finger

Your parts store runs like a newly installed engine, right? No hiccups, no leaks, just smooth, quiet humming. Yeah, right! Mistakes happen all the time and more often than not, the blame is misplaced. Why can’t guilty people fess up?

Keeping Your Independence

In a world of thousands of big box retailers, people tend forget about the independent guy down the street. But it’s that entrepreneurial spirit that has fueled our country’s growth for decades.

Is Anybody Listening?

Technicians and distributors are often on opposite sides of the fence. But a closer look may reveal they are better neighbors than they think.

No One Likes a Sore Loser

Sometimes it’s easy to throw in the towel, but those who keep pressing forward end up victorious.