Gary Goms, Author at Counterman Magazine
Dayco Appoints Tom Tecklenburg As VP Of Aftermarket, North America

Located at the company’s Troy, Michigan, office, Tecklenburg will be responsible for establishing the strategic plan and leading the North American aftermarket team, which encompasses the U.S. and Canadian markets, to increase customer satisfaction and drive growth.

ASE Certifications Show How Intense And Concentrated Most Skill Levels Have Become

One very quick method for learning who your customers are is to observe the types of ASE certifications displayed in customer waiting rooms and around the shop’s service desks.

Five Things to Remember About Pulse-Modulated Fuel Pumps

Pulse-modulated systems can be identified because they generally have no external Schrader valve port for testing fuel pressure.

ASE Certification Benefits

With ASE, we have only to look forward to a brighter and more prosperous future. As with many mechanics and parts professionals, I’m getting ready to sign up for ASE’s spring 2014 test series. Looking back, it’s hard to believe that ASE is now 41 years old. During 1973, when I was teaching auto mechanics

Sealed Wheel Bearing Hub Assemblies Have Become Standard

In four-wheel, all-wheel and front-wheel drive applications, the wheel bearing hub assembly is made with two opposing bearings, and with the inner bearing races pressed onto a splined hub that slips over the splined axle shaft.

Mechanic Connection: Drums And Rotors

Clean and distortion-free mounting surfaces at the hub/rotor interface are required for good brake rotor performance.

The Nuts And Bolts Of Clutches

In most cases, the clutch parts are new and are matched to the very close tolerances demanded by compact engine compartments and transmission and trans-axle configurations.

Disc Brake Calipers Come In Several Variations

Most floating calipers are single-piston units designed for light-duty applications. Special anchor bolts are used to not only fasten the caliper to the steering knuckle, but also to allow the caliper to slide horizontally to center the pads on the brake rotor and compensate for pad wear.

Ball Joints, Tie Rods In SLA Suspension Systems

Wear in the load-bearing ball joint is measured in thousandths of an inch vertical and horizontal play.

All In The Timing

Because their remaining service life is difficult to estimate, timing belts must be replaced at specific mileage intervals to prevent failure.

Wheel Bearings Bear The Weight Of The Vehicle

If the vehicle happens to be hauling a load or towing a trailer, the work of the wheel bearings is drastically increased.

Never Overlook The Chance To Sell Wipers

A chance to sell the humble and often taken-for-granted wiper blade should never be ignored.