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BBB Industries Wins the AutoZone De Mexico Extra Miler Award; US Motor Works Named Vendor of the Year


QUINTANA ROO, Mexico – At the recent AutoZone de Mexico Vendor Summit awards banquet held in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, BBB Industries was recognized for its outstanding effort in assisting AutoZone with a variety of projects related to rotating electrical products. 


BBB was specifically recognized for providing AutoZone with world-class cataloging and application data, which led to an increase in sales revenue for AutoZone. In addition, the Extra Miler award recognized BBB for providing exceptional performances related to inventory levels, fill rates and AutoZone’s logistics footprint.

BBB Industries provides AutoZone Mexico with thousands of SKUs from a diverse portfolio of products, including both new and remanufactured starters and alternators for automotive applications. 

Also during the AutoZone de Mexico 2012 Summit, US Motor Works LLC, a manufacturer and distributor of water pumps, fan clutches, electric fuel pumps and timing kits for the automotive and heavy-duty industries, was awarded the “Vendor of the Year” award.

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