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Carter Enhances Brand With Multi-Faceted Marketing Plan

With an aggressive and targeted approach to growing the brand, Carter has implemented a multi-faceted plan that includes a new brand mark, redesigned packaging and updated website and domain.

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Carter, part of the Rochester Hills, Michigan-based TRICO Group, has been in business since 1909, “leading the way with automotive products that are quality-engineered to meet or exceed OE standards of performance and durability,” according to the company. Now, this key component of product development is highlighted in a refreshed brand mark. The tagline “Engineered Quality” is now the focal point in the new brand mark.

“Our quality engineering has always been at the forefront of what we do”, said Kevin O’Dowd, SVP of global marketing, TRICO Group. “this addition to our brand mark allows us to highlight the important fact that our customers rely on our  in-house engineering and quality testing – that’s what sets us apart from the rest of the marketplace.”


New packaging graphics spearhead efforts to deliver a bold new look for Carter pumps. This clean, contemporary design helps to communicate the technological advancements engineered into Carter products, the company noted. The visually appealing color palette enhances the overall brand image and showcases the new brand mark.

According to O’Dowd the package redesign was tested and fine-tuned to make sure it was communicating the right message.

“Changing our package design was a big endeavor,” said O’Dowd. “It’s the face we present to our customer, and we wanted to get it right. It needed to convey technology and innovation, but also respect some of the brand design cues utilized throughout the years.”


The refreshed website and new domain – – delivers another marketing asset that helps to communicate the enhanced Carter brand message.

“This robust information portal has been re-engineered for individuals who want to learn more about Carter’s complete line of pumps, locate the right parts for a repair and understand Carter’s commitment to engineering and product development,” the company explained in a news release.

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