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Dana Introduces Genuine Spicer Trac-Lok For Aftermarket

The limited-slip differentials are for medium-duty truck applications.


Dana Incorporated’s new Spicer Trac-Lok limited-slip differentials (LSD) for medium-duty truck applications autonomously delivers improved vehicle handling within a lightweight and compact design for maximum traction, durability and performance, according to the company.   


“As a world-class leader in drivetrain technology, Dana is focused on product solutions that help minimize costly downtime and keep vehicles on the road,” said Bill Nunnery, senior director, sales and marketing, global aftermarket for Dana Incorporated. “Spicer Trac-Lok provides improved traction capability without the driver engaging any switches or mechanisms, thus reducing frequent incidents of poor traction and lessening instability during turns. It also places less stress on the axle shafts, promoting longer part life and preventing unnecessary tire wear.” 

By limiting wheel-slip rather than fully locking, Spicer Trac-Lok acts as an open differential and freely differentiates in normal operating mode. During a slip event, it automatically sends approximately three times more torque to the high traction wheel-end and then automatically returns to full differentiation as conditions change, transmitting engine power, enabling stable turns and boosting driver productivity.


Featuring a lightweight five-pinion pair design to serve a variety of Class 6 and 7 applications, Spicer Trac-Lok has no wiring or pneumatic connections and no special lubricants or friction modifiers are required. It provides superior lifetime torque-bias performance, according to the company, and can be retrofit with existing Spicer S110, S111, S130 and S140 medium-duty drive axles with no wiring, sensors, air hoses, or pneumatic connections. It does not require switches, special lubricants or friction modifiers to operate.

To learn more about Spicer Trac-Lok, visit or contact a Dana sales representative. For the Dana Aftermarket e-commerce platform and global e-catalog, visit

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