EV Maker Mullen Expands US Battery Operations

EV Maker Mullen Expands US Battery Operations

Its new plant in Fullerton, California, will produce next-generation EV battery packs.

Mullen Automotive announced the opening of a new facility in Southern California dedicated to producing next-generation EV battery packs.

The plant in Fullerton, California, expands the company’s overall U.S. footprint, adding capabilities for EV-battery development and production.

Mullen said it will consolidate its high-energy pilot facility in Monrovia, California, with the recently purchased Romeo Power assets at the company’s new high-energy and high-volume battery-pack production facility in Fullerton.

Mullen plans to close the Monrovia facility by the end of 2023, transferring existing battery-testing and production equipment to the new site in Fullerton.

Beginning in December, Mullen will begin calibration of the solid-state polymer (SSP) battery BMS for integration into the Class 1 EV cargo van. The company will begin drivable testing of the solid-state polymer battery packs in the Class 1 EV cargo van in Q1 2024.

Mullen’s SSP battery boasts a range of more than 190 miles, according to the company. That’s a 73% increase over the current LFP battery chemistry.

Mullen noted that the Inflation Reduction Act includes significant incentives for customers to purchase EVs and for EV manufacturers to produce American-made electric vehicles with domestically sourced battery materials and packaging.

“We are one step closer to fulfilling our commitment to providing the next-generation of battery technology to our lineup of EV vehicles, providing a clean and safe alternative to current lithium-ion batteries,” said David Michery, CEO and chairman of Mullen Automotive.

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