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GUNK wipes


GUNK Introduces New Degreasing Wipes

These double-sided sheets boast a scrubbing side and smooth side to finish the job.

GUNK wipes

GUNK, a brand that has been on the market for over 60 years, has launched its new GUNK Degreasing Wipes. The industrial-strength, no-rinse degreasing wipes are designed to tackle grease and oil on everything from engine bays to vehicle trim and windows, and they are currently available for purchase nationwide.

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GUNK Degreasing Wipes feature large, 8-inch by 12-inch sheets that provide maximum surface area for thorough and efficient cleaning. The sheets are double-sided, with a scrubbing side for stubborn grease and grime and a smooth side to finish the job. Developed with a low-VOC degreasing solution, the wipes deliver a professional-grade cleaning solution when rinsing isn’t possible. The degreasing wipes contain no isopropyl alcohol and are packaged in a moisture-sealed container to prevent drying and to maintain a long shelf-life. 

“Our customers need products that offer convenience without sacrificing performance,” said Marshal Livingstone, Blumenthal Brands integrated SVP/general manager. “Our new GUNK Degreasing Wipes combine a larger size and double-sided surface with a no-rinse formula that allows them to clean tough oil and grease without having to use water. We are proud to offer the latest addition to the GUNK line of engine degreasing products as we continue to evolve to serve our consumers.”

Additional product attributes include:

  • Citrus scent
  • Safe for skin
  • Safe on metal, glass, painted surfaces, plastic and rubber.

GUNK Degreasing Wipes are sold in 30-count packs with prices ranging from $4.99 to $6.99 and 75-count packs for $14.49. The wipes are currently available on Amazon and at Walmart and AutoZone stores nationwide.

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