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Ingersoll Rand Introduces 2115QXPA 3/8-in. Impact Wrench

The 2115QXPA reaches 15,000 rpm of free speed and 300 foot-pounds of max reverse torque, according to the company.


The Ingersoll Rand 2115QXPA 3/8-in. Impact Wrench helps technicians complete everyday jobs in tough environments. The 2115QXPA is suited for work on passenger vehicles including interior car bolting applications, side panel repairs and engine work. It is finely tuned and crafted to deliver max power so technicians can tackle jobs fast.

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The 2115QXPA reaches 15,000 rpm of free speed and 300 foot-pounds of max reverse torque. It is light, quiet and powerful, and delivers premium performance, according to the company.

Technicians can manage the speed of the tool for maximum control with the feather touch trigger. Using the power regulator, technicians adjust the torque to decrease power, minimizing the chance of damage from over-tightening bolts.

The composite exterior housing of the 2115QXPA is temperature resistant so it doesn’t get cold when connected to compressed air or hot if left in the sun. The Ingersoll Rand Quiet Technology noticeably reduces noise levels from the tool, sparing technician’s ears and helping minimize noise pollution in the shop without sacrificing power. The tool weighs just 2.5 pounds.

The 2115QXPA also features:

  • Chemical-resistant composite housing to protect against shop fluids
  • Swivel hose connection that prevents tangling so technicians can move freely around vehicles
  • Steel twin hammer mechanism for maximum power and durability
  • Steel-lined hammer case for added durability without adding weight

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