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Motol Classic Line Engine Oil


Motul Launches Classic Line Of Oils For Collector Cars

The Classic Line of semi-synthetic oils offers era-specific formulas with specialized additive packages.


Motul, founded in 1853, has introduced its new Classic Line of lubricants that are specifically formulated to meet the needs of both established and emerging collector car markets.


With vintage vehicles in mind, Motul’s Classic Line combines oils, detergents and additives that the company has engineered to enhance the performance of older powertrains while offering improved protection.

All Motul Classic Line lubricants feature an additive package with high-zinc (ZDDP) and molybdenum (moly) for reduced friction and increased power. The synthetic-base oils and adapted-detergent levels of each Classic Line formula are further suited to the metals and gasket materials common to each era of vehicle manufacturing. Advanced additives ensure that all Motul Classic Line lubricants meet or exceed API standards, according to the company.  


The high-adhesion properties unique to the Classic Line also provide for excellent cold-flow properties to prevent engine wear during startups and to coat and protect engine internals and running gear during the periods of prolonged storage that collector vehicles often experience.

Motul optimized Modern Classic Eighties 10W-40 to meet the needs of forced-induction engines common to the decade, and Modern Classic Nineties 10W-30 to meet the demands of high-revving engines with more modern valvetrains. Both Modern Classic oils are the first products to offer high ZDDP and moly for “rad”-era collector cars from these two decades, according to the company.


For the new 2100 Classic Oil 15W-50, Motul revised its 2100 oil to better lubricate and protect naturally aspirated and forced-induction engines with flat-tappet cams common to the vehicles in the 1970s and beyond.

Designed for hot rods, muscle cars and collector vehicles produced after 1950, Classic Oil 20W-50 uses an additive package fortified with an ideal ~1,800 ppm of ZDDP. This provides improved protection for flat-tappet or high-lift cams and high-performance engines with tighter tolerances and older elastomer gaskets, according to the company. The medium detergent level also makes Classic Oil 20W-50 an appropriate break-in oil for newly refurbished engines.

Straight-weight Classic Oil SAE 30 and SAE 50 are mineral-monograde engine oils with low detergent levels, blended specifically for gasoline or diesel four-stroke engines generally produced before 1950.


Motul’s historical logo returns to all offerings aside from both Modern Classic oils, which feature Motul’s contemporary logo with a unique typeface to reflect the style of each decade. All Motul Classic Line lubricants come in heritage-inspired metal packaging, adding to the collector-oriented experience.

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