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SMP Unveils QWIK-SENSOR Single-Sensor Program

The new multi-frequency TPMS sensor combines 314.9-, 315- and 433/434-megahertz applications into one single SKU.


Standard Motor Products (SMP) announced the expansion and enhancement of its tire-pressure monitoring system (TPMS) product line with the unveiling of its QWIK-SENSOR multi-frequency single-sensor program.


The new multi-frequency TPMS sensor combines 314.9-, 315- and 433/434-megahertz applications into one single SKU, eliminating a duplication of customer inventory. The single-sensor program is an addition to Standard’s QWIK-SENSOR universal programmable TPMS sensors and OE-Match TPMS sensors and provides coverage for more than 200 million vehicles-in-operation (VIO) in North America.

“Our new single-sensor program reduces inventory for our distributor and service-facility customers while also making TPMS-sensor replacement more efficient for professional technicians and do-it-yourself customers,” said John Herc, vice president, engine management marketing for Standard Motor Products. “With this addition, we continue to enhance our complete, blended TPMS program which offers 99% coverage in the market.”


With a wide range of coverage for both domestic and import applications, the single-sensor program featuring the multi-frequency TPMS sensor offers a number of key benefits, such as:

  • Factory-installed rubber valve stems – interchangeable metal, chrome, black valves available separately
  • Required sensor programming can be completed before or after installation and while under pressure
  • Surface-mounted dual-band antenna ensures signal integrity
  • Longer battery life – power consumption reduced up to 30%
  • Faster programming times 

The QWIK-SENSOR multi-frequency single sensor has been independently tested to match OE protocols for precise fit and function – including LOCSYNC, PAL, POD and WAL advanced TPMS technologies. Standard’s complete line of TPMS sensors, service kits and tools can be found online at and throughout electronic-catalog provider platforms. 

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