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Solv-Tec K-Seal: Multi-Purpose, One-Step, Permanent Coolant Leak Repair


37667SolvTecKSe_00000011780Solv-Tec K-Seal is a quick, easy way to make permanent repairs to cooling systems on all types of vehicles. The unique ceramic formula mixes with all types of anti-freeze. Just shake the bottle and add the contents to the engine coolant in any gas or diesel engine.



Once the product has entered the cooling system it takes just minutes to make a high-quality ceramic repair after the engine reaches working temperature. K-Seal will stop most leaks in the block, head, radiator, heater matrix, freeze plugs and the head gasket. K-Seal offers a 100 percent money back guarantee

How Does K-Seal Work?

    * When there is a crack or hole in the cooling system, this generates a low-pressure area.
* K-Seal finds the low-pressure area and deposits the special ceramic micro-fibre and copper formulation as it flows through the damaged area.
* Within seconds the crack or hole is completely filled with the ceramic micro-fibres and copper and the repair has been made. This seal is further enhanced by heat to form a repair that will last the life of the engine.


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Call Solv-Tec now Toll Free at 888-254-0150 or e-mail [email protected] for details of your nearest sales representative.

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