Spectra Premium Introduces 63 New SKUs

Spectra Premium Introduces 63 New SKUs

Spectra Premium's latest product release includes filler necks, fuel tank straps and fuel pump assemblies for popular late-model domestic and import applications.

BOUCHERVILLE, Quebec – Spectra Premium’s latest product release features 63 new SKUs, including filler necks, fuel tank straps and fuel pump assemblies for popular late-model domestic and import applications.
Spectra Premium also released two secondary air pump control valves for 2006-’13 Subaru Impreza and Forester 2.5L Turbo. These valves have a high failure rate which will illuminate the check engine light, and contribute to the failure on state emission tests.
Included in this new product release are:
* 18 fuel pump assemblies including 13 late-model and Kia and Hyundai applications (SP3047M to SP3066M)
* 12 fuel tank filler necks, including models covering 2008-’10 Ford F-Series (FN807/FN808); 1990-’99 Jeep Cherokee (FN899/FN900/FN908)
* 3 diesel sending units for late-model 2011-2013 Ford F-Series pickups (SP2475M/SP2476M/SP2478M)
* 3 fuel tank straps for late-model applications such as 2010-’14 Mazda 3 (ST379); 2006-’12 Honda Ridgeline (ST374), and 1998-’05 Volkswagen Passat (ST388)
* 6 A/C condensers covering late-model import and domestic applications, such as 2011-’14 Ford Edge & Lincoln MKX (7-3894); 2010-’12 Ford F-550 (7-3936/7-3937); 2011-’13 Nissan Juke (7-3968)
For a PDF of the complete list of products, go to http://mktg-us.spectrapremium.com/newproducts.

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