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Tensioners And Pulleys

Motorists take them for granted. But they’re always busy at work behind the scenes.

Tensioners and Pulleys
Litens Introduces New Series Of Accessory-Drive Tensioner Kits

The new line of Litens accessor-drive tensioner kits includes coverage for a full range of domestic and import nameplates.

VIDEO: Mileage, Age And Conditions Matter For Belt Replacement

Always first diagnose why the belt needs to be replaced.

Automotive Belts 101

The belt-drive system is one of the hardest-working parts of the engine – especially when it’s at idle.

Engineering Better Belt Systems

The belt-drive system is working hardest when the engine is at idle. When the engine is below 1,000 rpm, the alternator, A/C compressor and power-steering pump are putting the greatest strain on the belt.

Dayco Receives PRI Global Media Award for RPX Race Series Belt

The all-new RPX Race Series Belt, one of the newest additions to the Dayco Racing line, features a specially blended RPX compound.

Read the Digital Edition of the 2018 Sales Manual

The Sales Manual features technical information and selling tips for parts categories ranging from belts to wheel bearings.