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Raybestos Chassis Customers Can ‘Stock to Demand’

Affinia helps customers calculate market demand to optimize inventory planning.   MCHENRY, Ill. — The Market Science group of Affinia — the makers of Raybestos brand chassis parts — has introduced an inventory management tool that can help store owners laser in on a leaner, more insightful stocking strategy. The S2D (Stock to Demand) web

Browse CARDONE’s Latest Parts Guide Online

Users can find links to several new short technical videos and much more.   PHILADELPHIA — CARDONE’s latest parts guide highlights new products, hard-to-find parts and parts available to the aftermarket exclusively from CARDONE, according to the company. Users can find links to several new short technical videos and much more. Click the image to

ASE P2 TEST PRIMER: Suspension and Steering

Major components in the suspension include springs (coil, leaf, torsion bar and air springs), shock absorbers and/or struts (twin tube or monotube, low or high pressure gas charged, and some may be electronically adjustable), control arms and bushings, ball joints (which may be an integral part of some unitized control arm assemblies), and sway bar

Ball Joints Critical To Steering, Suspension

On some of these unitized control arm applications, it is possible to replace the joint separately even though the control arm was not designed that way.   Ball joints are chassis components that eventually wear out and have to be replaced. But the ball joints on many late-model vehicles are now part of a unitized

How do you fix an air ride suspension that has gone flat?

If an air spring or air shock develops a leak (which most do after many years of service), the air spring or shock can’t hold pressure. It will leak and eventually go flat.

How much impact do worn chassis parts have on tire wear?

As a rule, tie rod ends should have no visible play. If one tie rod end is obviously bad, it’s often a good idea to replace both at the same time (or all four if the vehicle has a recirculating ball steering linkage) because all have the same mileage.

Shocks Are Comfort And Safety Items

Shock absorbers can last a long time, but they don’t last forever.

Ball Joints, Tie Rods In SLA Suspension Systems

Wear in the load-bearing ball joint is measured in thousandths of an inch vertical and horizontal play.

Worn Chassis Parts Are A Safety Issue

Ball joints connect the control arms to the steering knuckles. The original equipment ball joints on most late-model vehicles are sealed and require no maintenance (grease), but that doesn’t mean they last forever.

Air Suspension Shocks, Struts & Air Springs

Air suspensions typically provide a smooth, luxury ride while offering the ability to maintain or even change ride height for automatic load leveling. The air suspension may also work in conjunction with electronically-controlled shocks to vary the ride and handling characteristics of the vehicle.

Electric Power-Assisted Steering Makes Inroads

Depending on usage and mileage, a power steering pump’s shaft bearings or pump mechanism can wear out.

Chassis Parts Take A Pounding

The main problems caused by worn chassis parts are things like road noise, steering looseness, road wander or pulling, wheel misalignment and accelerated tire wear.