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Shocks & Struts Don’t Sell Themselves

Most consumers don’t realize that shocks and struts are wear components just like brake pads and tires.

Chassis Parts Overview:

The demand for replacement chassis parts has remained fairly steady in recent years. The demand for replacement parts is a function of vehicle age and miles driven. In a soft economy, people are keeping their vehicles longer than ever before. The average age of all cars and light trucks today is at an all-time high

Ride Control Is Paramount

Back to school: Refresh your sales skills by reading up on nine essential product categories in our annual technical sales seminar section.

ASE PS2 Test Preparation Guide: Suspension & Steering Parts

● SHOCK ABSORBERS — A component that dampens suspension motions to improve ride control and handling. The shock absorber is mounted near the wheel and connected to one of the control arms. Inside is an oil-filled cylinder with a piston and valves. Movement of the suspension forces the piston to push against the oil. This

Chassis Talk: Learning The Terminology Is Key To Selling The Correct Chassis Part

Just about everybody remembers the story of the Tower of Babel, in which people began speaking different languages. Unfortunately, the terminology connected with selling chassis parts often becomes its own Tower of Babel when a local alignment shop places a phone order. In many cases, term “tie rod” often becomes interchangeable with “tie rod end”

19th Annual Technical Forum: Shocks & Struts

What are loaded strut assemblies, and why should I recommend them to my customers?

19th Annual Technical Forum: CV Halfshafts

Is it easier to replace a worn constant velocity joint, or to replace the entire halfshaft?

19th Annual Technical Forum: Chassis Parts

How often should chassis parts be replaced?

Technical Sales Skills: Shocks Are Critical For Safety, Ride Control

Shocks (and struts) do not have a specific time or mileage replacement interval.

Strutting Their Stuff

Quick and easy to install, complete strut assemblies have become a popular item with professional technicians.

Ride Control

Most motorists think shocks and struts only improve ride comfort, but fail to realize that poor ride control affects braking, handling and overall ride safety.

ASE PS2 Test Preparation Guide: Steering & Suspension

The major components in the steering include the steering gear (rack & pinion or recirculating ball), power steering pump and hoses (if used), tie rods and tie rod ends, idler arm and center link (if used) and steering stabilizer (if used). The major components in the suspension include springs, shock absorbers and/or struts, control arms and bushings, ball joints, and sway bar and bushings.