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Selling Parts For Light-Diesel Engines

From fuel additives to performance upgrades, there are plenty of sales opportunities.

VIDEO: What Happens To Diesel Fuel In Cold Weather?

Winter weather is especially harsh on diesel fuel and fuel systems.

Rislone Hy-per Diesel Prevents Gelling In Cold Weather

The fuel-system treatment is designed to keep diesel engines running at peak performance.

Hot Shot’s Secret Introduces 10W-30 Oil For Diesel Engines

Green Diamond Fleet is infused with FR3 nanotechnology and a fully formulated CK-4 additive package.

OTC Releases New Crankshaft And Cam Tools For Detroit Diesel Engines

The new crankshaft and cam tools are now available throughout North America.

Motocraft Introduces F-150 3-Liter Diesel Filters

Motorcraft diesel-fuel filters use advanced technology and precise manufacturing to help ensure clean fuel and effective water separation for optimal performance, according to the company.