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Here’s How To Lose That Customer

Repeat customers are the lifeblood of any parts operation.

Top Distribution Headlines in 2010

We pick from the most-read stories those issues that made an impact in 2010.

Have You Hugged Your Data Today?

Anyone attending AAPEX in Las Vegas was sure to hear one word repeated many, many times. And its importance can’t be overstated. Data, data, data.

Bill Bryan Is The 2010 Counter Professional of the Year

This year’s Counter Professional of the Year award requirements were more strict than in years’ past. In addition to being ASE P2 certified, applicants or nominees had to also be AIA Import Parts Specialist certified.

You Can Blame Fast Food

One advertisement I heard recently really, really caught my attention. The upshot of the commercial was this: Whatever auto repair services you want, you tell us how much you want to pay, we’ll try to match the price.

The Internet: Coming To A Store Near You?

There’s a bit of a trend emerging in parts stores throughout the country: They’re getting Internet access.

Parts Pros Should Worry About The Quiet Customers

Everyone has a customer service story to tell, especially a bad one.

Ready For Some More Business?

John Watt, national manager, CERTIGARD Franchised Operations, Petro-Canada, has a great idea for repair shops: Get customers asking for non-essential work to come in on slower days. The reason? He believes shops can make a whole lot of money by doing so.

The Great Aftermarket Auto Parts Catalog Debate Continues

s. Their organization is comprised of the people who take all the parts information and funnel it into the format you use at the counter, whether it’s in paper form or electronically. Prior to going to Texas, I took a little, unscientific poll about how parts pros feel about e-catalogs. I know how pretty much

There’s a new cat on the scene

MEMA takes major stake in OptiCat LLC

Repair Shop Owner Wants to Do More Business with Automotive Aftermarket Parts Professionals

Steve Weber, owner of S & S Service, Hamburg, N.Y., despises going to a dealer to get parts.

2009: A Look Back at Distribution Influences, ‘The Clunkers’

At the beginning of each year, we review what were the top influences or events on automotive aftermarket parts distribution during the year that just ended. We gauge this by reviewing the most-read stories from our sister
e-newsletter, aftermarketNews.com.