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Late-Model Vehicles Place High Demands On Batteries

Late-model vehicles are loaded with electronics that place increased demands on the battery and charging system.

Ignition Wires Overview

Aftermarket spark plug wire sets are available in a range of styles and prices.

High-Tech Lighting Tips

An upgrade option for motorists who do a lot of nighttime driving or applications where replacing the headlamps is difficult would be “long life” replacement bulbs.

Today’s Electronics Place High Loads On Batteries

Today’s electronics-laden vehicles place high loads on the battery, even when the key is off.   Most consumers don’t know much about battery technology. If their old battery is weak, won’t accept or hold a charge or has died, they will typically buy a standard replacement battery. By standard, we mean a conventional wet cell

ASE P2 TEST PRIMER: Electrical/Electronic Systems

All passenger car and light truck electrical systems operate on 12 volts Direct Current (DC) with the body or chassis providing the negative electrical ground.   Major components include the battery and alternator (see the section on charging system), power distribution center (a box that is usually located in the engine compartment and holds high

Which type of replacement spark plugs should you recommend?

The type of spark plug that works best in a given application depends in part on the design of the ignition system.

Do car batteries require any maintenance?

Acid should NEVER be added to a battery that has been in service because it contains all the acid it needs. Adding additional acid will not rejuvenate an aging or sulfated battery.

Rotating Electric Has Evolved

When dealing with rotating electrical warranty issues, remember that the reliability of any wet-cell automotive battery rapidly declines after about four or five years of service.

Starters And Alternators: Misdiagnosis Can Lead To Unnecessary Replacement

Normal driving and charging loads won’t burn out the diodes, but prolonged higher-than-normal charging loads can significantly shorten their life.

Spark Plugs: Replace With Same Or Better

Always follow the spark plug supplier’s application listings because their engineers know which plugs will work best in which engines. If you don’t see a listing for a particular engine application, there is probably a reason why.

Lighting The Way: LEDs Are Replacing Conventional Bulbs

The problem with conventional incandescent bulbs and halogen headlights is that they use too much current for the light they produce and they give off a lot of waste heat.

Ignition Wires Are Made To Last

Spark plug wire sets do not have a factory recommended service interval and are usually replaced on an “as needed” basis. Even so, many technicians recommend replacing high-mileage spark plug wire sets for preventive maintenance.