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A Closer Look At Carburetors

When diagnosing problems, a compression test is the place to start.

Turbo Cooling: The Real Reason Turbochargers Are Back

The biggest part of the problem was deposits formed when the engine was off and the turbo was heat-soaked.

Return of the Turbochargers

They’re back in vogue – and they’re smaller and more efficient than ever.

Air Filters Vs. Oil Filters: Which Is More Important To Vehicle Health?

Both are obviously necessary to protect the engine from contaminants and abrasives that cause wear and damage.

Gaskets: Are You Missing Sales Opportunities?

Although you might think gaskets sell themselves, many potential gasket sales are overlooked because the customer didn’t realize they needed certain gaskets to complete a particular repair job.

Oil Filters And Air Filters: Important Maintenance Parts

Air filters, cabin air filters, oil filters and (sometimes) fuel and transmission filters are important maintenance parts that typically are replaced according to a time and/or mileage schedule.

Cavitation ‘Bubbles’: The Archnemesis Of Water Pumps

The tiny “bubbles” of water pump cavitation can kill the pump. While you will never actually see the tiny bubbles of cavitation in pumps, you can see the damage of cavitation that looks like metal eaten by termites.

Serpentine Belts: Alignment And Wear

Belt misalignment can be caused by any of the accessory pulleys, or may be the result of improper belt installation.

Counter View: One Size Fits All? Not When Selecting Universal Electric Fuel Pumps

While universal pumps allow vehicle owners to restore function to many types of fuel systems, they are not intended for every situation

Engine Parts Last Longer Than Ever Before

Many engine hard parts are not kept in stock but are ordered from a warehouse or distributor as needed. So it’s important to let your customers know that some parts may not be available for immediate delivery.

Variable Valve Timing Sales Should Increase

Gary Goms illustrates the many issues facing parts professionals on vehicles equipped with variable valve timing.

Motor Mounts Tamp Down Vibration

Although the motor mounts on many vehicles are the relatively simple solid rubber and steel mounts, many import cars and luxury vehicles use liquid-filled “hydromounts” to minimize NVH (Noise, Vibration & Harshness).