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DIY Oil Changes

Changing the engine oil and filter is right in the sweet spot for your DIY customers.

Snow Season, S’No Problem

As we plow into winter, here’s how to turn the white stuff into green.

ENEOS Unveils X Prime 0W-8 Fully Synthetic Motor Oil

The ultra-low-viscosity oil will be available in spring 2023.

GMB Adds Engine Oil, Batteries, Oil Filters To Portfolio

GMB will be showcasing these new parts and categories in Booth A3433 at AAPEX in Las Vegas.

High Oil Consumption?

A common question an OEM oil supplier like ENEOS sees is how to tell when oil consumption becomes excessive? Since a few factors could be involved, here are some of the potential implications. How much is too much?First, because of wear, vehicles are more likely to consume engine oil as they age. Common culprits that

AMSOIL Adds Synthetic 10W-30, 5W-40 Products To ATV/UTV Line

AMSOIL synthetic ATV/UTV oil is designed to withstand the severe operating conditions found in modern ATV/UTV applications.

Selling Oil Filters: The Unfiltered Truth

They might look the same on the outside, but there’s a clear difference between good, better and best.

API Wants To Add 0W-8, 0W-12 To ILSAC GF-6 Specification

ILSAC GF-6B currently is applicable only to oils meeting the SAE 0W-16 viscosity grade.

A Closer Look At Synthetic Engine Oil

Synthetic oil still is made from petroleum crude oil, but a more refined crude oil.

Diagnosing And Repairing Oil Leaks

If your customer suspects they have an oil leak, they don’t need to panic.

D-A Lubricant Unveils New Look For PennGrade, PennGrade1

The PennGrade brand is color-coded to show the distinct viscosity levels, while PennGrade 1 has an updated label.

DA Penn Grade
Performance Racing Industry Honors Lucas Oil With 2020 Global Media Award

The award was for Lucas Oil’s FL-0 low-viscosity synthetic racing oil.