The Gates Corp. Announces Release Of 181 New Automotive Aftermarket Parts

The Gates Corp. Announces Release Of 181 New Automotive Aftermarket Parts

The automotive aftermarket manufacturer expands its product line with 181 additional SKUs, including new Ford turbocharger hose kits and textile-covered fuel line hose.


DENVER, Colo. – The Gates Corp. announced it has expanded its extensive Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) quality automotive products line with 181 new part numbers covering millions of late-model vehicles.


121410ScreenSho_00000070766The announcement includes new turbocharger hose kits for Ford applications and small-diameter, textile-covered fuel line hose.

Turbocharger Hose Kits
Gates introduced OE-plus Turbocharger Hose Kits for Ford trucks, which consist of silicone hose and two T-bolt clamps for quick replacement. The hose has a high-quality silicone cover and a specially formulated fluoroelastomer liner that prevents oil seepage for superior service life and excellent heat resistance. The T-bolt clamps provide higher torque for better sealing over traditional worm gear clamps, while the stainless steel band and bridge resist corrosion. The ten new kit numbers cover over eight million vehicles in operation.

Textile-covered fuel line hose
Gates also introduced new small-diameter hose with a durable and oil-resistant textile cover for popular import applications. Available in 50-foot reels, the seven new part numbers provide coverage on I.D.s ranging from 3.2mm to 10mm.

Gates announcement also includes cold-weather performance products for the winter months:

Carbon tensile cord CVT belt for ATVs and snowmobiles. Gates adds three new part numbers to its G-Force C12 carbon tensile CVT belt line. Engineered to be strong, flexible, and durable, the belts provide high performance in the most demanding snow conditions. The product line now includes 29 belts to cover the most popular CVT applications including ATVs and snowmobiles.

DEF SCR hose assemblies. Gates DEF Hotline™ SCR hose assembly features a patented carbon fiber heating system. Its closed-cell EPDM cover resists abrasion for longer life in harsh environments. The 26 applicated heated hose assemblies help vehicles equipped with SCR systems avoid the additional stress and failures that occur during winter months.

In addition, the automotive aftermarket manufacturer now offers 39 Micro-V component kits, servicing 70 million vehicles in operation. Each kit includes a Micro-V AT multi-ribbed belt, and DriveAlign tensioner and idler for complete system repair.

Highlights of the release include:

•10 new turbocharger hose bringing the total to 25 SKUs
•Seven new fuel line hose SKUs for 40 total
•111 new small I.D. and molded hose for 4,612 total SKUs
•Six new DriveAlign tensioners and pulleys expanding the product line to 507
•12 additional G-Force belts for a total of 153 SKUs

For more detailed information about new and existing Gates automotive aftermarket products, visit


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