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AAIA’s Aftermarket Telematics Challenge Now Open

Competition seeks solutions that protect consumer choice for aftermarket parts and vehicle service.


BETHESDA, Md. – The second annual Aftermarket Telematics Challenge, sponsored by the Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association (AAIA), is now open for entries. The competition is designed to identify and recognize the best example of technology and software that can be fitted to a vehicle to perform remote diagnostics and other safety and maintenance telematics services.
Entries are due to AAIA by Sept. 20 and the winner will be announced in November at AAPEX at the Sands Expo Center in Las Vegas. The winner of the competition will be recognized with a $10,000 scholarship in their name, donated to the Aftermarket Scholarship Fund.
“OE embedded telematics solutions are a threat to those with interests in the sale of aftermarket parts and service. With telematics options that are aligned with the original equipment service dealer channel, aftermarket providers could see significant erosion in the preventative maintenance and repair business that they rely on,” said Scott Luckett, chief information officer, AAIA. “AAIA supports consumers’ freedom to choose where the information about their vehicle’s health and their driving behavior is sent. This freedom of choice will ensure that market share for parts and service is determined by price, value and convenience – not by a closed CRM solution engineered into the vehicle.”
Products and solutions submitted to the Aftermarket Telematics Challenge must be in production and commercially available. Applicants must submit a demonstration of the product, a description of the function and features as well as a business profile of how the product serves the interests of the independent aftermarket.
Last year, Delphi Product & Service Solutions was recognized for its OBDII plug-in Connected Car solution in the 2012 Aftermarket Telematics Challenge. The device works in concert with a software interface developed by Aftermarket Telematics Technologies (ATT) and keeps consumers and aftermarket service providers constantly updated on the condition of the vehicle and the need for any recommended maintenance or unscheduled repairs. Through remote diagnostics, the service experience can be transformed into one of convenience and peace of mind.
“The independent aftermarket has already demonstrated that meaningful connectivity with the vehicle is not the exclusive domain of the car companies," Luckett added. "Aftermarket telematics products and solutions are coming on the market regularly, and the Aftermarket Telematics Challenge will identify the best solution for preserving consumer choice and open competition for parts and service business.”


Complete rules and information on entering are available from the AAIA website at

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