S. Scott Shriber, Author at Counterman Magazine
It’s Been a Great Ride

Based on the title of this column, you probably can tell what comes next.

Recognizing Automotive Aftermarket Professionals Is a Good Thing

Go on, spread some positive recognition around.

We Still Need Counter Professionals

Service includes people. Robots and/or computers can’t duplicate what you do on a daily basis.

Internal Combustion Engine Is Alive and Well

I frequently hear that electric and hybrid technologies are going to put an end to the reciprocating engine.

Crossovers and Pickup Trucks Rule the Auto Industry … for Now

What’s going to happen when we get a little blip in the oil supply and the cost of a gallon of gasoline goes above $4 again?

Extended OE Warranty an Attack on the Aftermarket?

The more concerning issue for all of us is that it creates a pattern (or habit) of the vehicle owner returning to the dealership for service for a longer period of time.

Online Sales of Aftermarket Parts: Be Careful How You Interpret Things

Sure, the internet and technology are distractions (and in some cases interruptions), but the automotive aftermarket exists because it has always been nimble and solution-driven.

Being Savvy Means Nothing if You Have No Integrity

Is a person still as good as his or her word, or has this sentiment lost its meaning in the competitive, fast-paced world we live in today?

The Elephant In Your Automotive Parts Operation

“I have written two columns on this subject … of the lack of incoming technicians in the mechanical and collision repair space and the need for qualified counter professionals,” writes Counterman Publisher Scott Shriber.

Yes, There Is A Future In Auto Parts Distribution

“Nobody is going to offshore vehicle repair or parts distribution. There is a future here. Let’s get out and support organizations that promote our industry,” writes Counterman Publisher Scott Shriber.

It’s A Big Challenge. But We Have Help

In all of his travels around in the distribution market as well as collision and mechanical repair space, there seems to be no bigger challenge than the lack of skilled workers, writes Counterman Publisher Scott Shriber.

NACE | CARS Was Great! Of Course.

From a training perspective, the offerings were staggering. Each day had so many courses available it was difficult to decide which session to attend. There was truly something for everyone, writes Counterman Publisher S. Scott Shriber.