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Bearing 101


Why is there not a lock nut included in my bearing kit?


The lock nut can be of different construction and functionality. In cases where the lock nut is not included in the wheel bearing kit, the locking nut may be reusable. Prior to replacement, examine the threads and nut for any signs of wear. Replace if any damage is present.


What kind of grease should I use for my bearing? 

The correct grease gives the product maximum life. A wheel bearing demands grease with special characteristics.


My bearing is equipped with a magnetic impulse ring for ABS. How can I be sure what side of the bearing the impulse ring is situated on and how should I turn the bearing when mounting?


 To determine on which side the impulse ring is located, use a thin, light metal object that you carefully place against the side of the bearing. The magnetism from the bearing will attract the object. Mount the bearing with the magnetic impulse ring toward the inside, against the ABS sensor. Be aware that incorrect mounting can lead to failure of the braking system to function properly. Don’t let the magnetic impulse ring be subjected to hits and bumps or make contact with other magnetic fields.


What torque specification should a lock nut have when mounting?

It is nearly impossible to give a general torque specification. There can be large differences depending on bearing type and housing. SKF recommends using the torque given by the car manufacturer’s recommendations.



— Courtesy of SKF

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