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Bendix Brakes Receive Approval From The Group

The Bendix Premium line includes automotive brake pads, discs, shoes and complete brake-shoe kits.


MAT Holdings announced that Bendix Brakes are now approved by the Automotive Parts Services Group.

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The Bendix Premium line includes automotive brake pads, discs, shoes and complete brake-shoe kits. Bendix Premium brake pads feature four-layer noise-eliminating shims, and the entire product line features copper-free friction formulations.

A trusted industry name for over two decades, the Fleet MetLok product line has been enhanced to provide even better friction performance and coverage, and expanded to include rotors as well as pads. Bendix Fleet MetLok semi- and low-metallic brake pads feature friction formulations proven to provide noise-free performance, fade and heat tolerance, outstanding durability and excellent stopping in demanding applications, according to the company. They also feature a three-layer shim, burnishing compound to reduce break-in time and a hardware kit when applicable.

The enhanced Stop by Bendix product line doubles the coverage of the previous product line to offer coverage for all makes and models of passenger cars and light-duty trucks. The product line features an improved shim design, offering quieter performance, as well as the signature Bendix blue burnishing stripe. This stripe acts to increase the initial coefficient of friction for a shortened break-in period, ensuring noise-free performance.

The enhanced product line was developed to address the specific needs of consumers for high-quality, high-performance brake products designed specifically for their vehicle and available at competitive price points.


For more information, visit, or speak with an authorized APSG representative.

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