The BESTEK 600A Peak Current Car Jump Starter Combines Several Devices Into One

The BESTEK 600A Peak Current Car Jump Starter Combines Several Devices Into One

The BESTEK 600A Peak Current Car Jump Starter includes a built-in escape hammer that smashes through windows, if needed.


We’ve seen a lot of these car jump starter products lately, but the BESTEK is certainly one of the more interesting ones, combining several products into one unit.

The BESTEK 600A Peak Current Car Jump Starter with 10,000mAh Portable 4-Port USB Power Bank, Smart Clamp includes a built-in escape hammer that smashes through windows, if needed.

This BESTEK unit includes a flashlight, strobe light and a blade that cuts through a seatbelt to extricate a passenger or driver.

Product specs:

BESTEK Ultimate Jump Starter: Brings Back Your Vehicles Anytime

• Faster and safer charging with our leading technology.
• Protect you and your family against unexpected situations.

Emergency 5-in-1 Design

• Combination of a jump starter, a power bank battery, laptop power bank battery, a flashlight and a safety hammer.

Recommended Vehicle Engine Displacements for Standard Jump Start

• Gas powered vehicles – 5.0L and lower displacements.
• Diesel powered vehicles – 3.0L and lower displacements.

Easy operation

• Press the power button and make sure jump starter is over 75% charged.
• Connect red clamp to “+” terminal and black clamp to “-” terminal of car battery.
• Start car when jumper cable indicator light turns green.
• Disconnect the clamp within 10 to 20 seconds after the vehicle starts.

Advanced Safety

• Over current protection; short circuit protection; overload protection; over-voltage protection; over-charge protection.

For Optimal Use

• Charge battery at least once every 3 months to avoid shortening its lifespan.
• Compatible with 5L Gas or 3L Diesel and lower displacement engine powered vehicles.
• Recharge your vehicle’s battery as soon as possible after jump start.

Product Specification

• Battery Life: 700+ Recharge Cycles
• Output: 5V/4.2A
• Input: 15V/2.0A
• Peak Current:600A

Package List:

1 x 10000mAh BESTEK Car Jump Starter
1 x Car Charger
1 x US-plug AC Power Adapter
1 x Jumper Cable with Battery Clamps
1 x Laptop Connecting Cable
8 x Different Laptop Adapter Connectors
1 x USB Cable
1 x User Manual
1 x Portable Carrying bag


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