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If I Can’t Find The Price, How Can I Pay For It?

How on earth do these sorts of things happen? Complication. The opposite of simplification.

Counter Intelligence: Get People To Say Yes By First Getting Them To Say No

In this installment of Counter Intelligence, Counterman Editor Mark Phillips discusses a book by former lead FBI hostage negotiator Chris Voss.

The Elephant In Your Automotive Parts Operation

“I have written two columns on this subject … of the lack of incoming technicians in the mechanical and collision repair space and the need for qualified counter professionals,” writes Counterman Publisher Scott Shriber.

What Would You Say You Do Here?

It’s all hands on deck out there in the business world. If every one of your employees isn’t adding value every day, then find someone who will “do” something for your business.

Yes, There Is A Future In Auto Parts Distribution

“Nobody is going to offshore vehicle repair or parts distribution. There is a future here. Let’s get out and support organizations that promote our industry,” writes Counterman Publisher Scott Shriber.

AAPEX: The Best Bet In Las Vegas

Counterman columnist Thomas Dayton recently attended AAPEX, our industry’s largest showcase of new and innovative products from more than 2,000 different vendors, held annually in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Catering To Customers – In Whatever Language They Speak – Has Never Been More Important

I’m used to seeing signs in Chinese characters in many places I visit, however, Las Vegas hasn’t typically been counted among them.

NACE | CARS Was Great! Of Course.

From a training perspective, the offerings were staggering. Each day had so many courses available it was difficult to decide which session to attend. There was truly something for everyone, writes Counterman Publisher S. Scott Shriber.

Brands, Built Over Many Years, Must Be Protected Like Gold

So what is a brand? It’s the image or characteristic someone gains when the brand is presented. For instance, if I say Rolls Royce, people might say “quality,” “expensive,” and so forth.

Make A List, Check It Twice When Repairing A Vehicle Or Preparing An Order

We all are busy and think we know what needs to be done, but it’s those pesky little things (details) that get dropped.

Lesson No. 1: Never Mess With A Customer’s Sombrero

The problem started when one of our technicians figured a customer’s sombrero was just too special and decided to play with it. He did put it back; but not before an epic grease smudge was applied to its extra-wide brim.

Use Your Auto Parts Knowledge As A Great Customer Satisfaction Tool

A common notion is that the person on the other side of the transaction is there because they have an issue that needs to be solved, writes Counterman Publisher S. Scott Shriber. It is either a driver with a crashed vehicle or a shop that needs the correct part to fix that car. In both cases, the person in front of you needs help. I think that over the years, we can get hardened to this fact.