Tacoma Water Pump Gasket

Tacoma Water Pump Gasket: Fodder for Prank Calls

Everyone is a comedian these days.

Everyone is a comedian these days. In the age of YouTube, all it takes is a smartphone, an internet connection and ample free time to produce a video that reveals your comedic stylings to the rest of the world.

Thanks to Google, a number of amateur comedians have figured out that a replacement water-pump gasket for a 1997 Toyota Tacoma looks, well, like a gentleman’s unmentionables. And boy are they pleased with themselves when they call an auto parts store to ask for a description of this unfortunately shaped replacement part.

Below is an example of a typical prank call, featuring Jake from “Redneck Rides.” The pimply-faced caller is particularly pleased with himself as he explains to the parts professional that he purchased a water-pump gasket from a competing store, but it “didn’t fit on right because it was completely the wrong shape.” He then asks the counter pro to describe the gasket, hoping for a phallic reference to titillate his dozens of viewers.

In all seriousness, if you’ve ever been on the receiving end of this prank call, we’d love to know how you handled it. And if you’re new to the parts profession, be aware that if someone calls asking you to describe a water-pump gasket for a 1997 Toyota Tacoma, it’s likely an amateur “comedian” trying to make you the butt of a dumb joke.

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