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Federal-Mogul Introduces New MOOG Problem Solver Sway Bar Link Kits

Exclusive kits eliminate installation hassles and provide increased durability, the company says. Innovative design dramatically simplifies washer and nut installation in the service bay; premium urethane bushings outperform and outlast traditional materials, Federal-Mogul states.

SOUTHFIELD, Mich. – Federal-Mogul has introduced a new line of MOOG Problem Solver sway bar link kits featuring an exclusive design that eliminates common installation issues associated with traditional, non-socket style kits. The time-saving new MOOG Problem Solver sway bar link kits are available for hundreds of popular foreign-nameplate and domestic applications.



111576MOOGSwayB_00000062063Technicians using traditional sway bar link kits commonly have difficulty maintaining proper washer position and threading the locking nuts during installation, according to Federal-Mogul. In many cases, the link bolt-end is flush with the outer washer, preventing proper engagement of the threads. The new MOOG Problem Solver sway bar link kits simplify and speed up installation through two exclusive design features and material enhancements:

•Specially molded bushings that center and hold the washers in place during installation

•Technician-friendly barrel lock nut that can easily be threaded onto the bolt in all installations, including cases when the bolt-end is flush with the washer


The new MOOG sway bar link kits are equipped with premium, heavy-duty urethane bushings that provide exceptional resistance to oil, heat and ozone, Federal-Mogul says. They also feature Grade 8 bolts and anodized T-6 aluminum solid hex spacers that help ensure superior strength and corrosion resistance, the company adds.

“These innovative new kits exemplify the advantages of MOOG Problem Solver technology, with significantly easier installation, enhanced performance and superior durability,” said Mark Boyle, director, steering and suspension products, Federal-Mogul. “These and other Problem Solver parts are designed specifically to address the on-the-job demands of automotive service professionals.”

A complete listing of the new parts, along with application information, is available at www.moogproblemsolver.com.

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