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NGK High-Ignitability Ruthenium HX Spark Plugs

The new line consists of 25 part numbers covering more than 200 million vehicles currently in operation, according to the company.


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During an Oct. 30 press conference at AAPEX 2018 in Las Vegas, NGK Spark Plugs introduced the all-new NGK Ruthenium HX line of spark plugs.

The new line consists of 25 part numbers covering more than 200 million vehicles currently in operation, according to the company.

Currently, high-ignitability designs make up 52 percent of the OE product mix for 2005 to 2018 model-year vehicles. That number is expected to reach 60 percent by 2020, according to NGK.

“Utilizing patented precious-metal Ruthenium technology, the new NGK Ruthenium HX offers higher ignitability, enhanced oxidation resistance and increased durability for today’s modern engines,” said Danielle Orlando, general manager of marketing for NGK Spark Plugs USA.

Due to the metal composition and specialized tip designs, NGK Ruthenium HX offers the highest performance and life expectancy of any NGK spark plug on the market, according to the company. It achieves this by combining two advanced tip designs: double fine electrode (DFE) and projected square platinum electrode (PSPE). DFE is intended for non-turbo applications, and PSPE is intended for turbo applications.

“As a high-ignitability plug, the NGK Ruthenium HX guarantees maximum flame propagation to ensure the most complete fuel burn, a quicker throttle response, smoother idle and better cold start,” Orlando said.


Orlando also noted that NGK is launching an online resource for determining spark plug service intervals. The information will be available on NGK’s online parts finder and in the company’s ACES catalog.

“Not only is the Ruthenium HX redefining spark plug technology for the next decade, NGK is committed to providing our customers with valuable first-in-industry service-interval recommendations for spark plug lifecycles, as specified by domestic and import manufacturers,” Orlando added.

NTK Adding Technical Sensors

Emphasizing that NGK is “more than spark plugs,” Orlando announced that the company’s NTK brand is expanding beyond oxygen sensors to include 87 new product types offering more than 6,500 SKUs. The NTK brand now includes a full line of technical sensors that leverage the company’s “leading OE technology and rigorous testing standards,” according to Orlando.

Building upon a foundation of a premium full-line program established under NGK ignition and NTK oxygen-sensor products, NTK’s expansion to technical sensors is part of our ongoing commitment to increase sensor coverage under one premium brand, with the philosophy: ‘NTK, The Sensor Specialist,’” Orlando said. “ … “Like the NTK oxygen sensors, these new technical sensors are designed and engineered to provide OE fit, form and function to ensure quality and make installation as easy as possible.”

Danielle Orlando, general manager of marketing for NGK Spark Plugs, emphasized that NGK is more than spark plugs: “While NGK Spark Plugs continues to lead the industry in spark plug technology, our name has become a little misleading.”

The portfolio includes a full line of premium position, pressure, speed, temperature, fluid, level, emissions and specialty sensors.

“Auto manufacturers, professional service technicians and DIY customers have trusted the NGK brand and, by extension, NTK for years,” said Mark Boyle, general manager of product for NGK Spark Plugs. “NTK is now the sensor specialist due to high-quality oxygen sensors that people know they can depend on because of our heritage. The same quality and performance we have always brought our customers extends to the new technical-sensor product line.”

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