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VIDEO: Why OE-Quality Parts Are A Must

Steer your DIFM customers toward suspension parts that are on the “best” side of the spectrum.

OE Quality Parts
VIDEO: The Current Spin On Turbochargers

To really understand a turbocharger, it’s important to be familiar with its components.

VIDEO: Understanding Control Arms

Symptoms of failing control arms can include vibration, wandering, clunking or creaking and uneven tire wear.

VIDEO: Making the Case for Premium Bearing Hubs

While the good-better-best model can be a useful sales tool in some situations, you have to be careful when you’re talking about wheel-bearing hub units.

Premium Bearing Hubs
VIDEO: Upgrading To LED Lighting

In the aftermarket, it’s clear to see why LEDs bulbs are popular upgrades when replacing burned-out incandescent bulbs.

Upgrading to LED Lighting
VIDEO: Understanding The Hydraulic Clutch-Actuation System

Most later-model vehicles with a manual transmission use a hydraulic system to actuate the clutch.

Hydraulic Clutch Actuation
VIDEO: Replacing Serpentine Belt Might Not Solve The Problem

The serpentine belt is part of a system of interrelated parts that all need to be in working order for the system to function properly.

Serpentine Belt Replacement Accessory Drive System
VIDEO: Embracing Buy Online/Pick Up in Store

If your store doesn’t have any e-commerce capabilities, it’s not too late to get started.

Buy Online Pick Up in Store
VIDEO: An Exhaustive Look At Mufflers

The muffler has its origins in the 1800s, when the newfangled automobiles were scaring the horses.

Automotive Mufflers
Wheel-Bearing Seals 101

One of the more common reasons for premature failure of a new seal is improper installation.

VIDEO: Understanding Air Suspension

In today’s active suspension technologies, the system is an integral part of the vehicle’s electronics and is controlled by the ECM.

Air Suspension
VIDEO: Selling Transmission Fluid

Make sure you’ve done your research on the product you’re recommending.