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VIDEO: A Loaded Strut Assembly Isn’t Always The Solution

If your customer wants a loaded strut assembly, make sure to take a close look at the application listings.

Loaded Strut Assembly Isn't Always Solution
VIDEO: Selling High-Performance Wiper Blades

Premium silicone blades last longer and withstand the elements better than standard rubber blades.

VIDEO: How Coolant Can Sabotage A Water Pump

A leading manufacturer that analyzes hundreds of warranty returns every years finds that the vast majority of premature failures stem from one common culprit: coolant.

Coolant and Water Pumps
VIDEO: Is It Time To Replace The Serpentine Belt?

A belt-wear gauge provides a quick, accurate way to tell whether a belt needs to be replaced.

Replace Serpentine Belt
VIDEO: Understanding Engine And Transmission Mounts

Most vehicles have two or three engine mounts and one or two transmission mounts.

Engine Mounts
VIDEO: Understanding Regenerative Braking

Regenerative braking takes the kinetic energy produced by the forward motion of the vehicle and turns it into electrical energy.

Regenerative Braking
VIDEO: Recommend Quality Bearings For Your Truck Customers

For your customers who rely on their trucks for their livelihood, you’ll want to steer away from economy bearing hubs.

Truck Bearings Timken
VIDEO: Selling Performance Parts

Last year, this growing segment was estimated to be worth more than $46 billion.

Performance Parts Muscle Cars
VIDEO: Understanding Stretch-Fit Belts

A stretch belt may look similar to a serpentine belt, there are some key differences.

Stretch Fit Belts
VIDEO: Steering Away From Hydraulic Power Steering

EPS is a much smarter system that offers a number of advantages over hydraulic systems.

Hydraulic vs Electric Power Steering
VIDEO: Turbocharger Failure Points And Installation Tips

Maintaining proper lubrication is critical to maximizing turbocharger life.

Turbocharger Failure Points and Replacement Tips
VIDEO: Educating Your Customers

The first point of education starts with you.

Auto parts store: educating customers