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VIDEO: An Aftermarket Fix For The Chrysler Oil-Filter Housing

Dorman Products recently introduced an upgraded oil-filter housing that’s made entirely of aluminum instead of plastic to prevent future leaks.

Chrysler Oil Filter Housing
VIDEO: Talking Telematics With Clay Millican

Based on surveys, the vast majority of consumers believe vehicle owners should have direct access to their vehicle data.

Talking Telematics
VIDEO: Selling Gen 1 Hub-Bearing Kits

When a Gen 1 hub bearing is worn or damaged, in many cases, the other related components will need to be replaced as well.

Gen 1 Hub Bearing Kits
VIDEO: Types Of Power Brake Boosters

There are new and reman options available in the aftermarket.

Power Brake Boosters
VIDEO: The Vital Role Of Oxygen Sensors In A Vehicle

The oxygen sensor measures the oxygen content in a vehicle’s exhaust gas.

Oxygen Sensors
VIDEO: Aftermarket vs. OE Ignition Coils

One leading ignition-coil manufacturer has made a concerted effort to address some of the potential failure points of the OE design.

OE vs Aftermarket Ignition Coils
VIDEO: Selling Serpentine Belts In Kits

The next time a customer asks for a serpentine belt, recommend a complete kit that will allow them to restore the entire belt-drive system.

Selling Serpentine Belts in Kits
VIDEO: Don’t Let Oil Sabotage The A/C System

When a compressor fails, the oil can tell you a lot about what happened.

Oil and AC System
VIDEO: Providing In-Store Services

Free in-store services can be a powerful marketing tool to sell more parts.

Providing Store Services
VIDEO: A Loaded Strut Assembly Isn’t Always The Solution

If your customer wants a loaded strut assembly, make sure to take a close look at the application listings.

Loaded Strut Assembly Isn't Always Solution
VIDEO: Selling High-Performance Wiper Blades

Premium silicone blades last longer and withstand the elements better than standard rubber blades.

VIDEO: How Coolant Can Sabotage A Water Pump

A leading manufacturer that analyzes hundreds of warranty returns every years finds that the vast majority of premature failures stem from one common culprit: coolant.

Coolant and Water Pumps