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The ICE Age Isn’t Over

Internal combustion engines are expected to maintain their dominant U.S. market share through 2030.

Tech Topic: Alternative-Fuel Vehicles

There’s no need to panic about alternative-fuel vehicles rendering maintenance obsolete.

AAPEX Mobility Garage Training To Focus On Electric Cars, AFVs, Shop Equipment, Technology

Attendees will have the opportunity to meet one-on-one with exhibiting companies showcasing their newest and soon-to-be released products in Mobility Garage.

New Battery Housing from MAHLE Reduces Weight and CO2 Footprint of Electric Vehicles

MAHLE offers a newly developed battery housing with integrated thermal management as a solution for increasing the rapid charging capability of the battery.

GM to Build Chevy Electric Vehicle at Orion Township, Michigan, Assembly Plant

Among the factors influencing the decision to produce the new EV domestically, GM noted the Orion plant currently builds the Bolt EV, and the new Chevrolet EV will be based on an advanced version of the same vehicle architecture.

Motorcar Parts of America Acquires Manufacturer of EV Testing Equipment

E&M Power’s advanced power emulators “provide the foundation for vehicle-electrification development and production testing,” according to E&M’s website.

MAHLE Developing High-Voltage Traction Motors for Electric Vehicles

The company also is developing 48-volt drive motors for new-generation hybrids.

Hybrid, Electric Vehicles Are Too Quiet, Feds Say

Automakers have until Sept. 1, 2020, to equip electric and hybrid vehicles with sounds so they’ll be audible to blind and hard-of-hearing pedestrians.