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The Evolution of Automotive Fuel Systems

The frequency of changes has increased in recent decades.

Fuel Systems
Gasoline Direct Injection Is Better, Not Perfect

Your customers could face problems if they don’t keep up with maintenance.

GDI Honda Civic
VIDEO: Clean The Fuel Tank Before Replacing The Pump

Sediment, rust and debris from the pump can get into the tank and kill the fuel pump.

Fuel Pressure And Volume

What controls the speed of the fuel pump?

Throttle Up Your Fuel-Related Parts And Products Sales

Let’s start with fuel additives. These are popular do-it-yourself products that can provide various benefits at minimal cost.

Fuel Pumps Come In Different Varieties

Most original equipment electric fuel pumps are mounted inside the fuel tank. Submerging the pump in gasoline quiets the pump and allows the fuel to cool and lubricate the pump. This is very important because most electric fuel pumps spin at high speed (5,000 to 7,000 RPM or higher).

General Manager Of Wedge Clamp Systems Of China Appointed To Executive Council Of CAMRA

The AMR Show is not only Asia’s biggest trade show, but also one of the world’s top three shows in the automotive trade industry. RICHMOND, B.C. — Wedge Clamp Systems has announced that Frank Liu, general manager of Wedge Clamp Systems of China, has been appointed to the Executive Council of the China Automotive Maintenance

Fuel Pumps Need To Be Replaced Sooner Or Later

Some pumps last as long as the car itself but most have to be replaced sooner or later for a variety of reasons.   How long should a fuel pump last? The carmakers tell us their original equipment pumps should last at least 150,000 miles or more. Some pumps last as long as the car

How often do air filters, oil filters and fuel filters need to be changed?

A recent Car Car Council survey found that 23 percent of vehicles inspected (nearly one out of four!) had a dirty air filter that was overdue for replacement.

Why are fuel pumps so often misdiagnosed?

Sometimes a fuel pump will run but not spin fast enough to develop normal fuel pressure. This may cause hard starting and poor engine performance.

The Inner Workings Of Fuel Injectors

The only cure for a dead, leaky or defective injector is to replace it with a new or remanufactured injector.

How Fuel Pumps Work

Most EFI fuel pumps are mounted inside the fuel tank, though some pumps may be mounted outside the tank or be paired with an external pump to push fuel to the engine.