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High-Voltage Hybrids

Hybrids are here to stay and they’re appearing in increasing numbers in your customers’ service bays. They need the parts, you need the knowledge.

The Parts Proliferation-Consolidator Connection

As parts proliferation continues to create headaches for traditional aftermarket distributors, the addition of advancing technology is pushing some volume shops to look to consolidators for their parts purchases.

Ignition, Charging System & Electrical Parts: Zapping Warranty Returns

Ignition modules and coils, alternators and starters are often replaced unnecessarily — resulting in warranty returns. This month, learn how to reduce unwarranted returns.

Product Training and Technology: More Like Rocket Science

Just when you think you have a handle on product training, something new is introduced to the market. Do you have the time, money and smarts to stay informed?

Singing the Standards

Industry standards are the way to a healthier, more efficient aftermaket. So why aren’t more companies embracing them?

Common Filter Questions

Automotive technology rarely stands still. Even filter technology is in a constant state of change. This month, we look at the facts on filters.

It’s Just Different

Challenging categories, such as exhaust, require new approaches to distribution and sales strategies.

Advanced Fuel Delivery Systems

There are many ways to get fuel into a combustion chamber and it seems that today auto manufacturers are using every possible method. As if that were not enough, manufacturers are hedging their sales bets by developing vehicles that use many different types of fuel, and in some cases, vehicles that can burn more than

Import Insights: Paper Catalogs vs. The Computer

Although computer-based cataloging has become the norm in sourcing parts, there are still great benefits to using good ol’ paper.

Flash Programming: A Parts Store Opportunity

Is your store equipped to “flash reprogram” vehicle computers? If it’s not, you might be missing a great opportunity.

High- Tech Suspension and Ride Control

Unlike stock replacements, consumers buy performance shocks with a suspension upgrade in mind. In order to close the sale, you need to be savvy enough to relate to your performance customer.

Accessing Repair Information

The complexity of OBD systems has created headaches for the average repair shop. But technicians are becoming more efficient when it comes to day-to-day diagnostics.