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The Internet: Another Tool In Your Customer Satisfaction Toolbox

It was with great interest that I read Mark Phillips’s column (August 2010, “Coming To A Store Near You?”) about having Internet access at parts stores.

We Need Precise Information

Kelsey Tidwell had a good point, even if you missed it (In the letters section of the May 2009 issue, Tidwell takes issue with a February Tech Tip that says bearings demand grease with special characteristics. She felt the answer was too generic.) Have you taken a look at the plethora of greases, oils, and/or

Counterman.com and Counterman Magazine Are Now on Twitter!

It was bound to happen. Counterman.com and Counterman magazine are now on Twitter! If you don’t know what Twitter is, it’s OK. It’s basically like text messaging for the Internet. If the editorial staff of Counterman.com and Counterman magazine find something noteworthy, we send out what are called "tweets" that alert readers to what’s happening

If It’s Not A Good Time, Tell Us

I read with interest Mitch Schneider’s comments in COM-PEN-EEEEEEE! (January, 2009). In my years in the parts business, I have always stressed the importance of empathy when striving to meet the needs of the customer. Mitch apparently doesn’t appreciate Monday morning sales calls. I have other customers who don’t appreciate Friday afternoon sales calls. Generally

Short-term Pain for Long-term Gain

I’ve been in the parts business for 17 years, mostly on the dealership side of the business. I’ve found that the same practices used on the dealership side also work in the independent world. With a little effort and some help from a computer, it is fairly simple to track purchases and stock based on

Wake Up to the Computer Age

I’m a 32-year veteran of the auto parts business and am ASE certified in eight areas. While it’s good to have paper catalogs at a backup, in some instances, an e-cat is better. At NAPA, we have an e-cat system that shows exhaust diagrams. It’s very useful and faster to look up online than on

Sorry, I Prefer Paper

With paper catalogs, an error is found once. I can make a notation or use sticky paper or a paperclip to mark it so it can be shared with other counter people. There’s no way to make notation with e-cats I’ve used. I have found e-cats may fix one listing but other new mistakes pop

There’s No Substitute For Paper

I have been in auto parts for more than 30 years, both in the aftermarket, and in dealerships. There is no real substitute for the books. True, the e-cat may be faster, especially in conjunction with e-invoicing, but the books still win hands down. I have experienced, and still do on a daily basis, inaccurate

Why All the Fuss Over E-Cats?

Sorry people, the paper cat is going the way of the drum brake whether we like it or not. The benefits of going to e-cat is too great to let the current drawbacks stop it for long. So let’s quit complaining about all of the things the e-cat isn’t and get a few veteran parts

Keep the Technical Info Coming

I just love the technical features in Counterman magazine. They are chock full of useful information. That knowledge brings power! Keep the articles coming. Your articles are a powerful tool and are very useful when speaking to customers. If a person acts like he knows what he’s talking about, people will buy! Robert E. Lee

Get Rid Of Paper Catalogs? No Way!

Thinking of getting rid of paper catalogs? Don’t! They do have a wealth of information that’s not currently being included in the electronic catalogs. Paper catalogs have saved me more than once. Ken, Murray’s Discount Auto Store, Madison Heights, Mich. e-CATALOGS CANNOT COMPETE I’m a 30-year veteran of the parts business and have worked in

I Know Why, Mitch

Mitch Schneider wants to know why, and how in his article “Why is it in Vogue?”(Counterman, June 2008) that people crucify aftermarket manufacturers. Unfortunately for us in the retail side, the answer can be traced back to the late 1980s, when shops and DIY customers stopped asking the most important question and started asking the