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I Know Why, Mitch


Mitch Schneider wants to know why, and how in his article “Why is it in Vogue?”(Counterman, June 2008) that people crucify aftermarket manufacturers.


Unfortunately for us in the retail side, the answer can be traced back to the late 1980s, when shops and DIY customers stopped asking the most important question and started asking the one that prevails to this day. Mitch, the answer to your question is not how, or why, but how much? That is the only thing that matters to the majority of customers, shop owners, retailers, WDs, all the way down the chain of distribution.

The guys who have been around awhile will all back me up on this one.

Byron Nelson, Nelson Auto Parts, Claxton, Ga.

Editor’s Note: In his column, Schneider said, “I don’t know where or when it became fashionable to crucify the aftermarket companies that have trained, serviced and supported the repair community for more than four generations. I don’t know where it comes from, when it started or why anyone would fall prey to such spurious and poorly supported arguments. But, evidently there are those who have.”

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