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Technical Forum 2017: Wipers – Information Or Misinformation?

There’s a lot of misinformation on Internet automotive forums about wiper blades.

Technical Forum 2017: Ride Control – That’s What Dampers Do

Some people think struts are just oversized shocks. They are, but they are also an integral part of the suspension rather than an add-on like shocks.

Technical Forum 2017: Power Window Regulators

We love power windows as long as they’re working correctly. But if they’re not working, they can be a real pain — especially if you’re in a fast food drive-thru lane or pull up to an ATM machine.

Technical Forum 2017: Coolant Sealer – A Quick Fix For Hot Engines

A hot engine can cause serious engine damage, so the smart thing to do is stop a coolant leak at the first sign of leakage.

Technical Forum 2017: Chassis Parts – Worn Parts Often Overlooked

Worn or damaged chassis parts are fairly easy to diagnose, but they are often overlooked when changing oil, rotating tires, replacing brake pads or performing other routine maintenance.

Technical Forum 2017: Tire Pressure Monitors

TPMS takes the guesswork out of checking tire pressure because the system checks the tires every time the vehicle is driven. And some systems even keep an eye on pressure when the vehicle is parked.

Head Gasket Leak: Symptom of a Failing Gasket

The first symptoms of a head gasket that is failing are usually a slow loss of coolant with no visible leaks, engine overheating and/or a Check Engine light with cylinder misfire codes.