Tracer Products Introduces the TP-9360 PRO-Alert Electronic Refrigerant Leak Detector

Tracer Products Introduces the TP-9360 PRO-Alert Electronic Refrigerant Leak Detector

36976tracer1LOj_00000011462The Tracer Products TP-9360 PRO-Alert Electronic Refrigerant LeakDetector features an advanced heated diode sensor for accuratedetection of both R-12 and R-134a leaks.

• Optimum sensitivity detects leaks down to 0.03 oz/year;
• Sensor life up to 200 hours or more;
• Automatically self-calibrates to neutralize background contamination;
• Sensitive to both R-12 and R-134a refrigerants. Certified to meet SAE J1627;
• High/low sensitivity switch for accurate diagnosis of both large and small leaks;
• Low battery indicator guards against unreliable readings;
• Variable-intensity audible alarm plus flashing LED help pinpoint leaks fast;
• Flexible metal probe holds its position in tight quarters;
• Easily replaceable foam filter protects sensor and pump; and
• Includes replacement filters, (2) D cell batteries and rugged carrying case.

ThePRO-Alert automatically compensates for background contamination anddifferent refrigerants. This eliminates false leak indications and thehassle of resetting the detector for different refrigerant types.Simply turn on the PRO-Alert and it’s ready for inspection — instantly.

Techniciansoften miss leaks because the leaking refrigerant becomes too “dilute”due to air movement in the inspection area. The PRO-Alert includes apowerful, built-in positive displacement pump that draws a test sampleinto the detector effortlessly for fast, accurate sensing.

ThePRO-Alert is specifically designed to make leak detection efficient andeasy. Its 17″ (43 cm) long, chrome-plated, flexible metal probe easilyslithers into tight spots and holds its position for more thoroughinspection.


36976tracer2LOj_00000011463SUPERIOR ENGINEERING
Unlikecompetitive units, where sensor degradation begins almost the minutethe unit is turned on, the PRO-Alert’s heated-diode sensor maintainshigh sensitivity throughout its 100-hour life. Plus, a low batteryindicator illuminates when the batteries are nearing the end of theiruseful life, guarding against unreliable readings and misdiagnoses.

ThePRO-Alert features dual sensitivity controls — a high-sensitivitysetting when initially checking the general leak area, and alow-sensitivity setting to make it easier to home in on the exact leaksite. This makes the PRO-Alert a reliable diagnostic tool for detectingrefrigerant leaks of all types and sizes!

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